Terrain Vehicles

Our area has many tracks for terrain vehicles in a selection of difficulty levels and lengths. You can travel with any vehicle type and if you do not own a 4*4 vehicle, we highly recommend that you take a tour with a jeep and guide. To schedule a trip – Adam Sella 0505308272 Ohad 0503833929 […]

Bike Tours

bicycle trips

Halukim Single – dirt road + single, medium riding level, average riding duration 3-4 hoursTrack length 25km not suited for families Zin Field – classic family track, very easy, planar with spectacular landscapes.Length about 5km, suits everyone. Yeruham Single – dirt road + single, medium+ riding level, average riding duration 4 hoursTrack length 33km not […]

Yemin Stream

gev yamin

Yemin Stream flows from Yemin Plane, east of the great crater (25 minutes of drive from the farm). When the road meets the stream, there is an overnight parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. The stream is dry most year but has three natural pools that accumulate flood water for several weeks. From the […]

Noked Stream

Noked Stream gained its name from Israeli settlers who came to Ramat Hanegev in the mid-20th century. The stream was called by locals, for hundreds of years, “Etz Stream”, named after the giant, increasing Negev method in the stream. The stream’s slopes have tulips blossoming in-between the rocks during springtime.The track is a roundtrip about three […]

The Sternbergian Blossom


Sternbergian species only blossom at several locals in Israel, one of which is right next to us, and only for several weeks in October/November. The road there takes about 15 minutes of walk but is unmarked. We would be happy to give our guests directions.

Zror Mountain and Stream

zror mountain

A turn to Zin Field about 2km south of the Sde Boker Kibbutz’s gas station, brown sign for Messad Zin, the vehicle can stay behind in the old landing ground of David Ben Gurion, a walk on the marked road toward Zror Mountain (no significant climbing at this point). The mountain allows observation of the […]

Ein Akev

ein akev

An easy – medium track about 12km long, suited for families with children ages 10+.Walking through Zin stream on the marked road from Ein Ovdat parking lot to the wonderful spring that hides each year behind the cliffs of Akev Stream, and back through another marked road through Ramat Divshon to the parking lot. Swimwear […]

Upper Zin

ein maarif

An easy, short track, suited for families and particularly recommended after floods

Havarim Stream

full moon nahal havarim

An easy, short track, suited for families and particularly for a full-moon walk. Starting point: Havarim Stream parking lot about one kilometer south of the entry to Midrashat Ben GurionEnding point: the serpentines parking lot at the foothills of the Midrashat Ben Gurion. 2 cars needed or a lift must be scheduled!

Ein Ovdat

ein ovdat

An easy track for families or those who simply don’t want to go too far from the vehicle…Paid entry to the reservation. Starting point: the serpentines parking lot at the foothills of the Midrashat Ben GurionEnding point: there is an option of a half-track and return. There is also an option of going up the […]