Tsavta Tube hostel –

Breakfast can be ordered for an additional 60 NIS per person.

Lunch and dinner can be prepared in the shared kitchen in the complex, order catering or go to one of the restaurants in the area. 

The farm shop has a selection of goodies.

A first-rate breakfast is included in the price. Lunch and dinner can be prepared in the cabin’s well-equipped kitchen. You can also order catering or visit one of the restaurants in the area. The farm shop has a selection of goodies on offer.

There is a supermarket a short distance away, and of course, the farm shop, which stocks choice meat for barbecuing, water, beer, and wines from wineries in the area. There is also our goats cheese, and produce from neighboring farms.

We gladly accommodate children in the secluded cabins and in the Hevruta enclosed area. The Tsavta Tube Hostel accommodates adults only

We have two secluded family cabins, and naturally, the Hevruta, which can accommodate 15 guests in five bedrooms.

There is a proper, safe fire pit a short distance from each cabin, and wood is available for purchase from the farm shop.

Just a short distance from the farm there are walking tracks, and Jeep, camel and horse riding tours.

Enclosed and shaded areas include Ben-Gurion’s hut, the agricultural R&D center, among others.

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We have a specially designated space for joint activities that can be hired on a daily basis.


Recommended 8.7

5-Stars Weekend Rating

9.1 BOOKING score

5-points rating in TRIPADVISOR



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