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The desert provides many experiences to its travelers. Here are a few from among many, many recommendations:

The desert is fertile grounds for many types of activities that involves animals, like riding camels and donkeys, having picnic with a llama and guided bird ringing.


The farm can serve as your point of exit to the field and also a comfortable place for the night before and the day after a long day of horse-rising. The farm has cabin and stable accommodations, each species to its own.


Camel trips can be scheduled – from half an hour to several weeks.

We would be glad to help plan the trip that is appropriate for your level and for the season…

The farm is an active goat- and sheep-breeding farm; notwithstanding, the desert is full of life and allows observation of animals such as golden spiny mice and the Cairo spiny, various birds such as the Arabian babbler, tristram, spur-winged lapwing and the rock partridge mostly.

Many insects and reptiles hide between the rocks. Porcupines, foxes and rock hyrax will hide away from curious people, though they live here too.

If you sit in the quietness of either the sunrise or sunset, you might get a glimpse of a wolf roaming the Wadi with its puppies, or a hyena going solo on the mountain!


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