Our Cheeses

How we learned to make cheeses

They say you can also learn from books. We wanted more.
After taking theoretical courses of the Ministry of Agriculture, we were well received at “Har Haruach” Dairy Farm, where we got to experience practical work for several months. Annual travel to cheese making schools abroad generated more ideas; study tours of schools in France, Spain and Italy led to improved flavors and aromas, with more to come…

Cheese production processes are very accurate; however, there is honored importance to the personal touch of the cheese maker, which explains the difference between cheeses of various domestic dairy farms, even if it is the same cheese.
All of our cheeses are made manually with no preservatives or change, or any addition to the full natural milk.

You can taste and purchase our cheese in the Farm’s Shop, 
all hours of the day from sunrise ‘till dawn. For further information, contact via the website or telephone: 0544218789

Our shop offers an appetizing selection of products from the area: wines, beers, spreads, jams, desserts, quiche, olive oil, honey, as well as charcoal, meat and firewood.

All made with milk from goats that we breed.

The yogurt

great as a saturating, refreshing and excellent drink, manually poured. 
* In season, the yogurt is hung in the dairy farm and becomes a smooth labane spread with a delicate goat flavor


fresh Zfatit-style cheese, made in various flavors:
natural, onion and sumac, sesame and Za’atar, dried tomatoes and garlic, and nigella.
Experts say it is the best in Israel…


salty cheese with a butter-like texture, excellent as a spread for fresh bread, seasoning a salad or as a refreshing addition to a watermelon.


sticky cheese with medium saltiness for frying, cooking and grilling.


moldy cheese Camembert style, made in both natural and nut flavors.


soft cheese with ash coating, St. Moore style.


soft cheese with a strong flavor, made with ash coating as per the finest French tradition.


semi-hard French-style cheese, sold after at least 4 months of aging, delicate flavor. Its unique flavor has an increasing prominence.


five-months year old hard cheese with various surprises – wine, thyme, nigella or black pepper. Its flavor is delicate when it is still young, and grows stronger as it ages.


hard, Italian-inspired sour cheese, ages for about three months and is treated with reduced balsamic vinegar to achieve the right flavor.


hard, Italian-inspired sour cheese, ages for about three months and is treated with reduced balsamic vinegar to achieve the right flavor.


semi-hard young cheese, only two months old and with a strong flavor.
Kessem was born after a visit to dairies in Spain, and after a production error – one taste of it and the error became the official recipe…


befitting its name, Rachel is the oldest cheese in the fridge, after receiving dedicated treatment for over two years, Rachel gains a crystal-like, crumbly texture, an eminent fragrance and flavor that dominates the oral cavity…

Local Cheddar cheese, a consistent texture and excellent taste; aged for at least 4 months!


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