[testimonial name=”Sarit Peled” image=”https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xfp1/v/t1.0-1/p48x48/12239947_10154257315999989_8432960406564968651_n.jpg?oh=76c14555d3626170f0a49fad6d47ba54&oe=56FA44FD&__gda__=1459237014_477c8f17c1e72e37050e8030f2f188d6″]
One of the most amazing places we’ve been to. Delightful hosts who are obviously doing it with all their heart, astonishingly well-thought design in the vacation units, small details in unit accessorizing are taken care of, a rich and tasty breakfast and the desert calm all create a dreamy and highly recommended vacation.

[testimonial name=”Metuka Orevi” image=”https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-1/c0.12.48.48/p48x48/31292_127620003916815_1953243_n.jpg?oh=90a8a903e35ce570ea049aa758ac1c0b&oe=56EABD10&__gda__=1454595009_1a528fd2ba4b22f6fae25020664446aa”]
We came to celebrate 38 years of marriage. 16 in Av. We looked for serenity, the desert and the moon
Lea and Gadi, the hosts, are kind, welcoming and lovely people.
The unit is clean and attracting. There is an equipped kitchen and a very comfy bed.
We equipped ourselves at the place’s shop with wonderful cheeses and tasty yogurt for dinner.
In the morning, we were given an excellent, tasty breakfast.
Naot Farm is definitely a place that we will go to again.
Highly recommended.
Thank you Lea and Gadi for the accommodation and the lovely place you had created.
Matuka and Oded Orevi, Be’er Sheva

[testimonial name=”Rotem Hason” image=”https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xfa1/v/t1.0-1/c12.4.48.48/p56x56/217352_10150171580837257_4434150_n.jpg?oh=8bc56809dc7124d86f1acf98b1722af5&oe=56AF007D&__gda__=1458033197_1c44a4d52807e02ec9c2937dbd25d46d”]
We spent the 11-13.1.2013 weekend in the farm, an amazing experience!
Lea and Gadi are wonderful and the hospitality was great!
The food is tasty, the attitude is lovely and the quiet is addictive!
Thank you for a wonderful stay, we highly recommend of course!
Idan and Rotem

[testimonial name=”Eyal Gihon” image=”https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-frc3/v/t1.0-1/c5.4.48.48/p56x56/228567_10150193870573630_7818025_n.jpg?oh=224effaf0b34ad21af82d1c5e3598ada&oe=56EAAA02&__gda__=1455116298_a70175ef512703853ed8c3417070db63″]
Full disclosure: we are old friends, and even still, you can’t NOT go back and praise the warm and homely hospitality we enjoy whenever we come back for a visit or a short stay. The cheeses are excellent, the food is tasty, but what makes this place so unique is the magical desert atmosphere; the calm and serenity that remind us forgettable moments from the old Sinai.