Tube Hostel

Tsavta Tube Hostel is a meeting and relaxing place, for travelers from all places, young souls from 18 to 80, that enjoy a multi- generation company.

Sleeping- a double bed or 2 single beds- is in a huge air-conditioned pipe on a pleasant bed, an invalid water conductors pipe that we gave it new life!
At the site there’s also- shared toilet and showers, a large wading pool, hammocks, fire pit.

The complex has 4 toilets, and showers open to the sky.

And- the ‘shushu’ (sh, sh- secret place in Hebrew) – dining room at day time, lounge in the evening. Library, piano, TV, Wi-Fi, beer and coffee, and an equipped kitchen for self dinner making . Air- condition inside, large naturally air conditioned porch…

Tsavta Tube Hostel is located in the middle of a goat farm and is a perfect place for discovering our desert as well as for resting.


Recommended 8.7

5-Stars Weekend Rating

9.1 BOOKING score

5-points rating in TRIPADVISOR



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