A turn to Zin Field about 2km south of the Sde Boker Kibbutz’s gas station, brown sign for Messad Zin, the vehicle can stay behind in the old landing ground of David Ben Gurion, a walk on the marked road toward Zror Mountain (no significant climbing at this point). The mountain allows observation of the Zin Valley and early risers have a change at catching the mists that “flow” through the dry wadis, an experience like no other… From the mountain we continue to Zror Stream, a wonderful outlook from atop the waterfall and a simple walk around it. We continue with the marked road until we meet the oil road, a clear path of jeeps on which we head back towards the landing ground… It is not a particularly tough track and except for the upward walk at the end of it (Maale Zin) it is simple and easy. About five kilometers.