Yemin Stream and Ein Um-Tina

Yemin Stream flows from Yemin Plane, east of the great crater (25 minutes of drive from the farm). When the road meets the stream, there is an overnight parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. The stream is dry most year but has three natural pools that accumulate flood water for several weeks. Along the stream, there is a spring that goes by the Arab name “Ein Um-Tina” or loosely translated: “Em Teena Spring” and the name precedes the stream… The spring is dry most of the year except for a very delicate flowing which keeps the Teena alive… During a flood, a large pool is formed around the Teena, remaining for long weeks.

From the parking lot about 2km and another 2 to the spring. There is a downward slope in the first half of the track and then an upward one in the second, though not a very steep ascent.

Nearby Activities

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